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Me (Linus Eriksson) and Rune Thomsen have released the first episode, a pilot episode named ”Thanks, but no thanks” regarding the players that said no to participate in Billie Jean King Cup this week.

Me and Rune will cover and discuss the latest tournaments, results and events in the world of Scandinavian and international tennis, sometimes together with an invited guest.

In this first episode we talk about:

* Ulrikke Eikeris main draw win in Charleston and a discussion about doubles regarding her high doubles ranking

* The WTA in Bogota where many lower ranked players had good runs, including Mirjam Björklund

* Olga Helmis late decection from the Danish Billie Jean King Cup team as well as the ”no thanks” from Rebecca Peterson and Mirjam Björklund in the Swedish team

* The good final week for Filip Bergevi in Sharm el Sheikh

And, to wrap up the episode: this weeks biggest surprise, the biggest question mark and of course, this weeks biggest waste of time!

And much more, of course! You find the pod on Spotify and hopefully on Apple Podcast soon!


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