Får jag lov att fråga! Del 19: Vésteinn Hafsteinsson -> Indrek Tustit

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In this episode of the Swedish big video-success Indrek Tustit will answer two questions asked by Vésteinn Hafsteinsson.

  • Whats the difference in working in the world of tennis with women compared to working with athletics?
  • What differs in how we work with the physics in tennis compared to the structure and how they work with it in athletics?

Tustit is a physiotherapist and coach from Estonia today working full time with the female top 70 WTA player Kaia Kanepi from Estonia in a role as a physiotherapist as well as fitness and tennis coach. Tustin have experience from working with Bob and Mike Bryan as well as with top level track and field/athletics athletes, such as Magnus Kirt (javelin thrower and Diamond League winner) and Gerd Kanter (discus thrower and Olympic Champion).


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